The neon-drenched, Okinawa inspired, Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll bar is adventurous, energetic and a little bit weird. Located underneath the Manly Pacific Hotel, Daniel San is the first chow-down eatery and rock ‘n’ roll bar to hit Manly’s iconic beach front.

Celebrating the quirky and colorful aspects of Japanese culture with a whole lot of rock royalty attitude! The venue is a sensory delight for all ages, with classic rock pin-ball machines and arcade games, kids coloring table, funky disco balls and all your favorite rock classics and dance hits on Saturday nights. Not to mention our incredible menu that ranges from the freshest seafood to your favorite pub classics.

Drop in off the beach for a feed and stay dancing through the night!

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5 Fun Facts That Link Us To The Karate Kid

Fun Facts

If you’re a The Karate Kid fan, chances are you’ve noticed a few details about us that spark fond memories of the cult classic.   1. Daniel San is inspired by a punk-rock version of The Karate Kid If you’re

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a pink sushi roll styled with chipsticks

Get To Know Your Sushi

Food + Drink

Become a sushi master before you order with us next time! Sushi is our favourite dish – we’re not going to lie! And we’re definitely not alone. This delectable edible art form has grown infinitely popular over the years with

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Beautiful view of Manly beach with bright blue skies and tall green pine trees

Have You Conquered The Spit To Manly?

Community, Manly

  One of the most iconic and beautiful walks Sydney has to offer. The hour and 15 minute walk offers a unique look at our humble beginnings and grand development, contrasting our protected past with our booming future. Whether your

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